A mound of demonstration signs, a stack of banners and flags leaning against a blank wall. Their messages whitewashed and obscured, coated in dust. Who left them here? What was their cause? Pro or Against? For Change or for Status Quo? Have they fulfilled their task? Do these makeshift objects still have the power to provoke? Can these vessels of urgency be emptied of their meaning? If so, what is left? Can they be used again? Used against their original purpose? Nameless soldiers, made to last for a moment of engaged fervor. Their lives reduced to their purpose. Fleeting displays that know no love for their labor.

Do these disposable objects mirror our expendable politics? Can their skeletal volume attest to the agency of their cause? Can they still spark memories, projections, desires? Can they be liberated from the burden of messages and attain dignity of their own? Are they allowed a life beyond their duty?

Wood, canvas, paint. Dimensions vary. Jan Baracz 2017 -2019