The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch

The Platform Sutra documents the lessons of Hui-neng, the 6th Patriarch, who's respected as one of many nice figures within the founding of Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism. This translation is the definitive English model of the eighth-century Ch'an vintage. Dr. Yampolsky additionally furnishes a long and distinct old advent that offers the context necessary to an figuring out of Hui-neng's work.

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They stem from the confrontations that face your individual nature. 254 forty six. “The confrontations of the typical phenomena of the exterior atmosphere are 5: heaven and earth, the solar and the moon, darkness and light-weight, Yin and Yang, and water and fireplace. There are twelve confrontations in language and the features of things:255 lively and fabric and inactive and non-material, with features and with out features, in the move of beginning and loss of life and with no that movement, subject and vacancy (śūnyatā), movement and stillness, purity and uncleanliness, profane and sacred, monk and layman, young and old, huge and small, lengthy and brief, and low and high.

Dharmatrāta (Skt. ); Ta-mo-to-lo; Damoduoluo Dhṛtaka (Skt. ); Ti-to-chia; Diduojia E-hu Ta-i; Ehu Dayi Eichō (Jp. ) Enchin (Jp. ) Engyō (Jp. ) Ennin (Jp. ) Erh-ju ssu-hsing; Erru sixing Fa-chen; Fazhen Fa-ch’in; Faqin Fa-ch’üan ssu; Faquan si Fa-ch’ung; Fachong Fa-hai; Fahai Fa-hsing ssu; Faxing si Faju; Faru Fa-jung; Farong Fa-lin; Falin Fa-ta; Fada Fa-ts’ai; Facai Fa-wo; Fawo Fa-yen; Fayan Fan-yang; Fanyang Fang Kuan; Fang Guan Fang-pien; Fangbian Fen-yin; Fenyin Feng-hsiang; Fengxiang Feng-kuo Shen-chao; Fengguo Shenzhao Feng-mu shan; Fengmu shan ( var.

He's acknowledged to were referred to as to the imperial court;45 hence he used to be probably a guy of no little significance. His disciple, Ching-chüeh, of whom additionally little is understood, used to be the compiler of the Leng-chia shih-tzu chi, and used to be obviously a guy of a few outcome, due to the fact no much less an individual than Wang Wei wrote his pagoda inscription. forty six He was once born, probably, in 683 and died a while within the interval among 742 and 753. forty seven Of the 11 heirs of Hung-jen, then, we've got 3 males of top significance, males who based significant faculties of Ch’an, or to whom the basis is attributed: Shen-hsiu, Chih-hsien, and Hui-neng.

Epidermis and flesh shape the actual physique; the actual physique is the house. This has not anything to do with taking safe haven. If, even if, you wake up to the threefold physique, you then have understood the cardinal which means. 21. “Now that you've got already taken shelter within the threefold physique of Buddha, I shall expound to you the 4 nice vows. reliable pals, recite in unison what I say: ‘I vow to avoid wasting all sentient beings in all places. I vow to chop off all of the passions far and wide. I vow to check all of the Buddhist teachings far and wide.

At the 8th day of the second one month of Chen-kuan 12 [= February 27 or March 28, 638]. four whilst he used to be born beams of sunshine rose into the air and the room used to be jam-packed with an odd perfume. At sunrise mysterious clergymen visited the Master’s father and stated: “The baby born final evening calls for an auspicious identify; the 1st personality could be ‘Hui,’ and the second one, ‘Neng. ’” “What do ‘Hui’ and ‘Neng’ suggest? ” inquired the daddy. The priest replied: “‘Hui’ capacity to bestow beneficence on sentient beings; ‘Neng’ potential the capability to hold out the affairs of the Buddha.

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