Evil Earths

By Brian W. Aldiss

As soon as it was once the best planet in all technological know-how fiction. Fourteen darkish visions of the long run, edited through Brian Aldiss


The ambition, greed, and wanderlust of guy have introduced him to the horizon of time, the place the starlit street of the universe forks—utopia a method, oblivion the darkish dead-end. Earth has been slashed by means of an atomic knife. A father and son stare upon the pearl-white crescent that's the final reminiscence of Earth. on the penultimate second of an atomic warfare, the last word god appears—pure mutant-human and 24-karat gold. Amid nice ideal towns and perfect machines. guy is a misplaced soul—no cause to dwell and no option to die.

In the masterful tales of such writers as Philip okay. Dick, Brian Aldiss, Henry Kuttner, Fritz Leiber, and Jack Vance, Earth—the first planet of technological know-how fiction—is a tarnished international. Geart civilizations have risen and fallen. Invaders have conquered and been banished. guy has mastered time and been enslaved via wish. Humanity is in a twilight, shadowed by means of extraordinary expertise and haunted by means of misplaced desires. yet within the blackness that's the unknowable destiny, stars nonetheless glitter with worlds to be discovered and hopes but to come back true.


From the forgotten annals of technological know-how fiction magazines of 3 a long time come fourteen dynamic tales of time-travelers, mutant, golden gods, robotic enthusiasts, earth-exiles, and mind-stunning visions of earth's future—and celestial past.

Heresies of the massive God - Brian Aldiss
Night - John W. Campbell
Film of demise - J.S. Campbell
"If I Forgot Thee, Oh Earth..." - Arthur C. Clarke
The Golden guy - Philip ok. Dick
The Wound - Howard Fast
The Time capture - Henry Kuttner
Among the furry Earthmen - R.A. Lafferty
Guest specialist - Allen okay. Lang
Later Than you think that - Fritz Leiber
The final note - Chad Oliver and Charles Beaumont
The Valley - Richard Stockham
Down one of the useless males - William Tenn
The males go back - Jack Vance

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I guess so. ” 22 “That’s all you could say—I consider so? ” “What else? ” “Suppose you had informed them to not cross forward? ” “You requested me that twenty occasions, Martha. I advised you. they'd have got one other dowser. ” “And one other? And one other? ” “Yes. ” “Why? ” she cried out. “For god’s sake, why? ” “I don’t understand. ” “But you awful males understand every thing else. ” “Mostly we purely understand how to kill it. That’s no longer every thing else. We by no means realized to make something alive. ” “And now it’s too late,” Martha acknowledged. “It’s too overdue, yes,” I agreed, and that i went again to examining the paper.

The floor motor vehicle sat nonetheless on a crumbling street. taking a look up in the course of the car’s using blister, they observed the celebrities sunk into the blue black ocean of area; observed the trail of the Milky means alongside which that they had rushed, whereas that they had been looking frantically for where of salvation. “If anyone of the opposite had made it back,” stated Mary, “do you're thinking that they’d be with us? ” “I imagine they’d both be with us,” he stated, “or out in area again—or in felony. ” She stared forward alongside the beam of headlight that stabbed out into the evening over the decaying street.

I lengthy for whatever i have not known…and that's love. ” Mason didn't answer. The honey-musk body spray used to be very powerful. He felt oddly indifferent from his physique, a bit of inebriated. He didn't movement whilst Nirvor arose and got here towards him. She drew him down into the cushions. Cool arms have been opposed to his cheeks; a flame-hot mouth avid on his personal. And the unusual eyes have been shut. ... once again Mason learn a message in them—a—message of alienage! He drew again. “You worry my eyes,” Nirvor whispered. “But you don't worry my physique.

And there has been whatever disturbingly unusual approximately these eyes, the fellow realized—an intelligence that was once greater than a beast may still own. the girl leaped up in a single fast stream, stood staring, pink lips parted. Mason felt his throat 113 tighten at sight of her loveliness. Her eyes have been deep swimming pools of jet. And, might be, she learn whatever of Mason’s undisguised admiration, for the lips curved in a grin, and the low voice referred to as a command. “Bokya! To me! ” The black leopard halted, one paw lifted. Growling softly, it again to the woman’s part.

Through this time the disaster had turn into world-wide. With the overlaying of the Indian Ocean, the torrential rains of the monsoon failed, and the jungles of southeast Asia sweltered and became brown. Rivers and swamps vanished, and fierce head-hunters, in terror as elemental as that of the jungle 10 animals, got here down the dry circulation beds until eventually they reached the salty ocean. the precise classes of the meterological alterations were amply documented, and that i shall no longer even try and hint their basic define.

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